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Ryebrook Resins provide quality flooring for 55 Baker Street

Ryebrook Resins was contracted to lay their hard wearing polyurethane screed Ryeflor HF, to the Goods In and refuse areas of the prestigious re-development at the old M&S headquarters, 55 Baker Street. Reflecting the quality of this project, Ryebrook’s resin flooring system delivers exceptional functionality for a high duty facility such as this. Extremely durable, the floor has good impact and abrasion resistance, ensuring it will withstand the daily traffic of heavy goods vehicles and refuse lorries. Inherently impervious as well as resistant to chemical attack, the majority of stains and spillages can easily be removed by regular cleaning, ensuring a smart, professional finish that will last for many years even under constant use.

Designed by Make Architects, this radical renovation of a 1950’s office building transforms the site into an important new urban amenity providing an exception range of flexible office space, retail and leisure facilities as well as 25,000 sq ft of affordable, key worker and private accommodation. Highly energy efficient, the view to the long term is reflected in the resin system installed by Ryebrook to the ground floor, including four refuse areas for both domestic and commercial waste, two delivery facilities and service ramps for the North and South car parks.

To prepare the area, Ryebrook’s team of professionally trained installers removed imperfections in the concrete base using hand diamond grinders and cut a chase to the perimeters. Ryeprime was then laid and allowed to cure before Ryeflor HF was laid to a nominal 8mm thickness in a muted red to the refuse areas and a light grey for the ramps. Simplifying cleaning and reducing the effect of knocks and scuffs to the wall a 150mm high radius coved skirting was installed using Ryeflor WR, also in red. ‘After a number of months of heavy useage I have been impressed by the performance of the resin flooring system,’ comments Chris Longman, General Manager for 55 Baker Street.

While providing an exceptional range of flexible and highly efficient offices, the architectural scheme of 55 Baker Street enhances activity and interest at a street level by offering an enriched mix of uses and introducing a substantial new public space to the streetscape.

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