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S and S continues to change the face of plastics recycling

Since the launch of the Flake-Purifier sorting system in 2008, the S+S Group has used the best new technology to improve performance and extend the range to cover all the needs of the plastics recycling industry. From separating a range of food and non-food grade plastics, including PET, PLA and PVC, into pure fractions using NIR (Near Infra-Red) and CCD camera technologies, the FLAKE PURIFIER can now be fitted with metal detection sensors to remove metallic contaminants whilst sorting mixed plastics flakes by both colour and type. The new technology is so sensitive that a single combination of colour and plastic type, such as light blue PET, can be separated from a mixed material stream.

In operation, a full range of wavelengths is evaluated to precisely identify and separate different plastics fractions across the complete working width whilst minimising the proportion of good material that is rejected. The working width may be divided to permit sorting and resorting on the same machine.

The Flake-Purifier is very compact and consumes significantly less power than older designs; typical power consumption is approximately 1.5 kW. Using a modular mechanical construction allows equipment to be up-graded easily and economically to meet changing operational requirements and new technologies to be incorporated as they become available.

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