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Safer handling

Taking into account the low cost of purchasing or renting pallet transporters when compared with the high cost of employees, it can't be right to jeopardise health and safety for a weekly investment of a couple of hours of the employee's wage! Is it worth exposing management to criticism for an accident or the cost of time off due to injury? It is necessary to take health and safety into account. The Samuk line ensures the operator feels safe, confident and comfortable which leads to increased productivity— a clear benefit for the employer!

SAFE: Over 10 safety features (including brakes on hand pallet trucks to prevent accidents on slopes) provide safer working conditions by protecting against injury, accidents and load damage. CONFIDENT: Simple conventional controls increase levels of confidence due to familiarity of operation, thus permitting operators to concentrate on load handling instead of function and control—essential to part time operators with limited experience.

COMFORTABLE: Samuk features aim at physical comfort like sprung platforms for lumbar protection and reduced fatigue. Mental comfort is the issue for increased productivity and reduced accident, whilst decreased stress levels reduce tiredness and fatigue. The operator feels naturally comfortable with the functions of the Samuk range, doing exactly what it is expected—critical in situations which require the correct subconscious response. Mental comfort and low stress levels result in reduced accidents and load damage and in turn achieving respect for the operator.

The Samuk warehousing range will satisfy your handling requirements, with different models to suit different applications. For example:
HP13: Electric pallet truck suitable for lorry tail lifts and ramps. The short tiller arm allows maximum manoeuvrability in minimum spaces.

HP16—HP25: Electric pallet truck suitable for heavy loads, poor surfaces and gradients, where the long tiller arm makes turning far easier due to the length of the handle.
HPP20 & HPP25: Electric pallet trucks with rider platform are ideal for longer distances with sprung platform for operator comfort. Sprung power unit and fixed castors prevent sway.

HK10—HK16: Electric stackers are suitable for moving heavy loads and stacking over short distances in confined spaces and stop/go applications.
HKS14 & HKS16: Electric straddle stacker with adjustable support arms to suit non standard pallets with bottom bearers.

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