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Safety first at Ernest Jackson with Rack Sentry

When Bournemouth based Linear Storage Solutions won the contract to fit out Ernest Jackson's new warehouse in Crediton, Devon with pallet and drive racking, part of Linear's remit was to supply a product to protect the stanchions supporting the external loading canopy. The solution came with Rack Sentry from HiLo-PSS Group, a semi-flexible, moulded plastic guard, which protects racking and against expensive and potentially life-threatening structural damage.

Part of Cadbury Schweppes, Ernest Jackson is a specialist manufacturer of medicated pastilles and lozenges for private and own label brands such as Victory V, Potters and Traveleeze as well as manufacturing the Bassett's range of soft and chewy vitamins. Conscious of the health and safety of its workforce, Ernest Jackson wanted to minimise the danger to operators and personnel should a fork truck collide with the racking system or the loading canopy and to avoid damage to uprights resulting in the loss of racket position in their busy warehouse.

“We selected the Rack Sentry for a number of reasons,” said Nick Robinson, Managing Director of Linear Storage Solutions. “As Rack Sentry is manufactured from moulded plastic it is ideal for installing externally which was required for this application. Since the area is used for loading and unloading vehicles Ernest Jackson not only needed the product to be highly visible but also not too bulky whereby vehicle access would be impeded. Most importantly it needed to protect the steel uprights supporting the loading canopy and, as Ernest Jackson was going to install it themselves it had to be quick and easy to fit. Rack Sentry met all these criteria”.

The Rack Sentry drastically reduces the power of fork truck impact that can easily damage the structural integrity of racks and floors leading to health & safety issues and expensive repairs. It works on the same principle as an air bag by protecting the upright with a cushion of air. When the Rack Sentry is struck it semi-deflates from the impact but then automatically re-inflates itself.

Designed to fit all standard European racking uprights, the Rack Sentry is easily fitted around the feet of racking systems and secured by Velcro straps. The nine angled pockets strategically placed throughout each Rack Sentry, carefully deflect any impact energy away from the racking to provide effective protection against most collision damage.

Moulded from a semi-flexible and stress-crack resistant UV stabilised plastic, Rack Sentry systems use a patented integral air cushion that forces air out at a controlled rate during an impact to maintain an effective impact confrontation. Fade resistant, the Rack Sentry's bright yellow colour is highly visible to help reduce the frequency of collisions.

A one time “insurance” investment that costs a fraction of rack, building column, floor or inventory repair or replacement, the Rack Sentry system are attached in seconds using heavy-duty Velcro fasteners. Waterproof and chemical resistant, they can be quickly and simply removed for easy cleaning, inspection or in the event of the racking being repositioned. Ends

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