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Safety in Handling for heavy plant & injection moulding tools

Ultimate Safety with the RUD Tool-Mover Manipulation Device for Safe Handling:
Anyone in the industry knows the dangers of handling and turning heavy and awkward plant and injection moulding tools. Without the correct equipment, expensive tools can be damaged, resulting in tools having to be written off and the cost of damages to the business.

Not only is there an apparent threat to damaged tools, the danger to the operator handling heavy equipment is multiplied if the correct equipment is not used. Help ensure your operators safety and reduce the chance of damages to tools by using the RUD Tool-Mover.

The innovative Tool – Mover is one of RUD’s latest innovations, a manipulation device for the safe turning and tilting of heavy and awkward plant items and injection moulding tools.

The Tool-Mover offers a variety of safety features. It has the ability to turn the load at the centre of gravity, meaning that the load is turned smoothly and securely. The Tool-Mover is equipped with a frequency controlled drive which ensures an even and smooth drive from start to finish, and it can be stopped in any position securely even if power to the unit is cut.

The Tool-Mover is easy to use and position, it does not need to be bolted to the floor and can be moved to locations in a facility by a crane or fork lift/pallet truck. It is able to turn tools with a weight starting from 6.3 tonnes, to 10t, 16t, 20t to our largest 32tonnes.

Tool-mover offers an ultimate safety factor to the operator, helps reduce costs to damages tools and provides the ability to handle tools efficiently ranging from 6.3 – 32tonnes.

Providing standard and tailored solutions to meet even the most demanding environments, RUD help to deliver applications that are catered to your requirements and project aims.
For more information call 01227 276 611 Email: Katie.crane@rud.co.uk or visit www.rud.co.uk

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