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Safety spectacles and masks from uvex ensures perfect protection

The provision of eye and respiratory protection is a legal requirement, yet it is often a thankless task to persuade workers to wear them, especially together. Now with the launch of uvex’s innovative superfit safety eyewear combined with its new Classic 2310 Cup version P3 and Classic 2210 Cup version P2 masks, this problem is easily and effectively overcome.

Research shows that the main reason workers do not wear their safety spectacles or masks even when required is because they find them uncomfortable. Uvex’s highly-wearable and mutually compatible products tick the comfort box, while wearing both specs and mask simultaneously, an action becoming increasingly necessary in today’s safety climate, enhances the performance of each individual product function.

Designed to fit and be worn together, the mask and specs combination works as follows:

The design of the superfit spectacle makes for a dovetail fit between the spectacle and mask. The nose bridge fits perfectly inside the mask, but does not affect the sealing qualities, as shown in the image below.

The combined ergonomic design and shape of the mask and curvature of the lens ensure that both eye and face gaps are sealed effectively so that the wearer achieves a perfect seal on the face.

The thinness of the superfit lens and reduced weight of the spectacle ensures there is no pressure and movement on the mask and therefore avoids the potential of failure of the seal.

With many other products on the market, the ideal position of the eyewear is often dislodged by the mask, or vice versa, so one or both become infected because they sit in the wrong position. If either the mask or spectacle is not in the right position, the mask will fail an HSE mandatory face fit test, which has to be done for all employees who wear RPE incorporating tight-fitting facepieces. However, with the uvex products, employers can be reassured that their staff will be fully protected from all potential eye and respiratory hazards and will be happy to wear them at all times.

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