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Safety through visibility – Contour marking for special vehicles and difficult applications

Since July, all newly registered utility vehicles have been subject to ECE 104 Reg. 48, and are therefore required to be fitted with retro-reflective materials. This new regulation precisely defines the level of performance the reflective tapes used are to deliver. Whereas the fitting of high-visibility materials to HGVs, trailers and work vehicles is simple in the majority of cases, more unusual vehicles such as concrete mixers, construction cranes, road sweepers and crane trucks for timber are more challenging. It is here that the benefits of user-friendly Reflexite products come to the fore.

The reflective materials in question are required to fulfil the performance specifications set out in European regulation ECE 104 Reg. 48. The material has to be fitted to the sides and the rear of utility vehicles at the time of registration in order to meet the requirements. It is common knowledge that contour markings on the sides and rear of long articulated vehicles and HGVs achieve significant reductions in accident numbers. By reflecting back light from the headlights of other vehicles, retro-reflection enables other road users – and in particular car drivers – to react sooner in specific traffic situations.

Reflexite has solutions for a range of difficult application scenarios in the "Special Vehicles" category. Difficulties can arise due to unusual vehicle characteristics such as curved surfaces or a lack of a long, straight surfaces. This can happen in the case of hard-body trailers for articulated lorries, road sweepers, mobile cranes, concrete mixers and any other vehicle outside the norm.

In each and every application scenario, the specialist for retro-reflective materials, offers a solution, which is not only suitable for the job, but also complies with ECE 104.

Reflexite has been manufacturing retro-reflective materials for over 30 years, and also advises fleet managers on the implementation of ECE 104. Indeed, Reflexite has already provided so many companies with strategic implementation assistance, including taking responsibility for the fitting of appropriate materials to their vehicles, that employees at the leading high-tech firm are now recognised experts in this field.

In its dual role as a manufacturer and distributor, Reflexite offers free guidance on ECE-compliant product selection – be it to fleet managers, vehicle manufacturers or other end users. Its reflective tapes are guaranteed for 10 years ("rigid grade" tapes for rigid surfaces) and 3 years ("curtain grade" tapes for tarpaulins surfaces) respectively.

Benefits such as a strong and impact resistant single-layer structure, being easy to apply with strong adhesive and extreme durability, have helped Reflexite tapes win over thousands of users around the world.

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