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Safeware Quasar experts to speak at high-status chemicals conference

Safeware Quasar’s Managing Director Hazi Mistry and Director Simon Robinson are proud to have been chosen to speak as experts in their respective fields at the 2nd International Fresenius Conference, discussing the implications of the new Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). The two day ‘Implementing the GHS’ conference will take place in Cologne, Germany, on Monday April the 26th and Tuesday April the 27th. They will be joined by a host of influential, reputable and experienced chemical experts from across the world with an aim to providing clarity in relation to forthcoming regulatory changes.

GHS is a United Nations-backed initiative to standardise the laws around how dangerous chemicals are labelled and described globally. The conference will focus on providing an insight into several areas to include the transition to the new EU legislation, the practical issues, the impact on the consumer sector and an update on the global GHS situation.

During the conference, the audience will have the opportunity to benefit from Simon’s in-depth discussion using practical examples of regulatory compliance and hazard communication from the industry, while Hazi will give an informative presentation on appropriate IT solutions and computer software available.

Hazi said: "We are delighted to have been chosen to speak at this prominent conference, which we hope will provide a valuable insight into the likely changes to the regulations over the next few years.

"By standardising the labelling of dangerous chemicals and other hazardous materials, the GHS regulations should make life easier for producers and transporters, as well as improving safety for employees and anyone else who may come into contact with these products."

GHS was implemented in the UK in January 2009, and has already been adopted in many countries around the world, while others will be doing so over the next year.

For more information contact Safeware Quasar on 0115 982 1185 or visit www.safeware.co.uk.

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