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Salvo adopted by UK

Salvo, the innovative drive-away-prevention system from Castell, has been adopted by Arla Foods at its Hatfield Peverel dairy in Essex. Arla is the UK’s leading dairy company, with Hatfield alone processing some 5 million litres of milk per week.

In June 2004, Salvo was installed on 6 of Hatfield Peverel’s 17 loading bays. Since then, not a single health and safety incident involving those bays has been reported, and Arla admits to being highly satisfied with its investment.

Alex Oxley, Arla’s Dispatch Area Manager, speaks of Salvo in glowing terms: “From a health and safety point of view, it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen. The drivers don’t mind using it and I certainly wouldn’t be without it.”

Having reversed their trailer into position, drivers collect a Salvo lock from its housing next to the bay door. The emergency airline is removed and the lock fitted to the airline coupling, causing the trailer’s brakes to be applied and effectively immobilising the trailer. A uniquely-coded Castell key is released from the end of the lock and inserted into an electrical switch, again located to the side of the bay door.

Turning this key and pressing a button on the switch illuminates a green light inside the loading bay, alerting the operative that loading can begin. The operative then presses a button on a similar switch to release a second key, which is inserted into a Castell Hercules door lock. Turning this key allows the side-bolt to be retracted and the door to be raised.

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