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Salvo the natural choice for Copella

Copella Fruit Juices, part of PepsiCo, is the latest food industry member to invest in Salvo, Castell's drive-away prevention system. The innovative safety device has been fitted to both loading bays at Copella's factory in Boxford, Suffolk, safeguarding 50 deliveries per week.

The natural fruit juice company felt it unnecessary to consider any rival loading-bay-safety technologies. “Salvo has been very successful elsewhere in PepsiCo,” reveals John Watson, Copella's Health & Safety Manager, “so it was logical for it be installed here too.” Salvo currently protects a total of 103 bays, across six sites, for PepsiCo's Walkers Crisps.

Having reversed their trailer up to the relevant bay, drivers collect a Salvo Susie lock from its storage box inside the warehouse. As the lock is fitted to the exposed emergency air line coupling – effectively immobilising the trailer – it releases a uniquely-coded key. Drivers hand the key to the loader, who inserts it into the control box next to the bay, allowing the motorised door to be raised and the dock leveller positioned. The key remains trapped in the control box until the door is fully closed.

When loading / unloading has finished, the door is closed, the key released and the Salvo Susie lock removed.

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