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Samuk announces special two year deal

Samuk Lift Trucks has launched a special two year 'interest subsidised' lease purchase agreement for selected trucks across its range of 1 to 10 tonne materials handling equipment.

Available to forklift truck dealers and hire specialists, the deal is designed to enable companies to upgrade their casual hire fleets for the minimum financial outlay, not only improving the image of their casual hire fleet, but subsequently encouraging the profitable sale of two to three year old trucks with minimal refurbishment costs.

“It's a win-win situation for companies operating a fleet of hire trucks, as bringing modern forklifts into service is an instant way to boost the image and reputation of the dealer,” says Sir Neville Bowman-Shaw, Chairman of Samuk Lift Trucks.

“New trucks require only basic servicing, so de-fleeting older more troublesome products frees up the time of experienced service engineers for chargeable work on customer owned trucks, whilst increasing the service department's turnover and profit dramatically. In an industry where there is a shortage of skilled service engineers, correcting simple 'overlooked' steps like this can greatly improve efficiency,” he adds.

The deal is structured to allow fleets to use the funds from the sale of the older trucks as a deposit on the new model, with the lease purchase agreement being funded by the Bank of Ireland, Samuk's preferred financial services partner.

As an example of the available rates, customers placing a £1,000 initial payment (part of the income from the sale of an obsolete casual hire truck) for a new Samuk costing £10,000 would pay only £87 per week for the two year period.

“The next decision the dealer has to make is to continually upgrade their hire fleet as each truck turns between two and three years old. At this age any refurbishment costs will be minimal, enabling a profitable 'nearly new' sale combined with the introduction of the very latest models into the hire fleet once more,” he concludes.

Further information on the special offer is available directly from Samuk on 01525 877700 or via www.samuk.net

Samuk Lift Trucks Limited is based in Toddington and Peterborough. The company is headed by Sir Neville Bowman-Shaw, the founder of Lancer Boss, and is the exclusive importer of Hangcha Lift Trucks in the UK, sold under the Samuk+HC brand. Hangcha Lift Trucks is the second largest Chinese forklift truck manufacturer, having been making trucks since 1974. The current Hangcha factories can produce up to 40,000 trucks a year and employ over 800 people. The factories are certified as complying with ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management standards. Development of the company's facilities, which will be complete in 2008, will double its single shift output.

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