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SAMUK, Positive Progression

The future of the lift truck industry is developing fast in the global market and China will be playing the major part by producing popular ranges of trucks at competitive prices reminiscent of the Japanese after the Second World War. The difference being, it took Japan 30 years to overcome suspicions of Asian products, in the global market it will take China only 5 years to establish leading brands. Already they have put a man into space and built the MAGLEV train, magnetically levitated cruising at 430km without a seat belt…Where was it invented – Cambridge University!

Recently, a group of Samuk staff and dealers visited Hangcha (the Chinese manufacturers of the Samuk product range) – the objective being “seeing is believing”…and they do! An opportunity was presented to evaluate for themselves, the benefits of a large manufacturer like Hangcha in a cost effective zone in the global market. The minute the team stepped onboard the Maglev at Shanghai, any mental pictures of paddy fields and rickshaws were soon replaced with the reality of urban skylines, technological innovation and tremendous energy. The understanding of the global market was simplified suddenly. Large factories making specialist or popular products are necessary to ensure continuing research and development for the worldwide market. Lift trucks are an excellent example of popular products made in one large economic low labour cost zone made accessible by low cost and quick containerised transportation.

One of the exceptional effects of the visit was that dealers saw the stability and security of the large Hangcha factories capable of producing new and updated product ranges in new buildings that can produce more than 50,000 units per single shift year and nearly 100,000 in double shifts. Everyone was captivated by the European standards of the factory and build quality of the products supported by the new product development programme which caused much excitement and will maintain the momentum.

Dealers commented how impressed they were by the advancement in the current models produced. Some of the new models will be displayed at Samuk's Open Days 27th/28th/29th June 2006 and the IMHX07 Exhibition at NEC March 2007.

Credibly, the most significant conclusion of the Samuk China Visit is the positive attitude towards the strength and stability of Hangcha as a major supplier in the industry and producing quality products that compete with European. The growth of the factory, the new Parts Centre and the ambitious new product development programme aimed at worldwide sales and after sales service ensure stability amongst distributors and dealers alike. The bet is that they will be Number 6 – 9 in the Top 10 world league by 2010. If you are planning your company's future but want to see to believe then contact your Samuk Dealer Support Manager with the objective of forming a group to see the Shanghai/Hangzou industrial belt.

Michelle Durand
Email: md@samuk.net
Tel. 01525 877700
Samuk Lift Trucks Ltd. Toddington, Beds, LU5 6HJ.

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