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Samuks High Speed R series features 90% common parts

Samuk Lift Trucks is bucking the trend of the current difficult economic climate and experiencing unprecedented demand for its high speed 'R' series. Similar to volume cars, the 'R' series is designed around a common floor pan and models feature 90% common parts. Now customers are specifying 'R' series trucks, confirming their appeal as value-for-money, reliable workhorses with reduced parts stock and quicker driver and service training.

Aimed at the volume market, the 'R' series is Samuk's latest successful fork truck range and comprises ten LPG/diesel models, with capacities ranging from one to five tonnes.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, popular options include Diesel 3A and LPG engines, 'near Scandinavian' quiet operator cabs plus suspended power trains for minimum vibration and noise emissions. An extensive range of load handling attachments is also available for fitment to duplex and triplex masts. Samuk's very heavy duty masts are more robust than other makes featuring 120mm diameter rollers (instead of 100mm) thereby eliminating sway during precise stacking and demanding applications involving double handlers, rotators and long off-centre loads.

Similar to car models, Samuk's 'R' series has three specifications for different operating requirements, designated Rc, R and R+. The Rc features a specification very similar to a standard car for intermittent applications and part time drivers. The R is the mid-range saloon car equivalent designed to be driven full time by one person. Then the luxury model R+ offers a high specification to satisfy health and safety, noise and vibration requirements. This model is designed to meet the demands of long hard shifts, minimising operator physical and, more importantly, mental tiredness thereby reducing end of shift load damage.

R models are suitable for most of the volume market with world quality components ranging from Yanmar, Cummins and Nissan engines to ZF and Advance transmissions. The drive axles are designed for low speed having a full gear and secondary layshaft with a high speed crown wheel to minimise breakdown of oil film between the teeth. High performance and reliability give them a high residual value. With periods between major overhauls expected up to 15,000 hours and a capacity for between 2000 and 4000 hours' use a year, these solid workhorses are a popular investment.

The R+ comes with a higher price tag than the R level and is aimed at the top 10% of the market, where operator comfort and health and safety are key. This model also features a full suspension powertrain for quiet, smooth operation supported by diesel 3A engines ensuring 'clean' emissions.

'R' series trucks are designed to be serviced easily by mechanical engineers without the need for laptops or complicated technology. This simplicity reflects the design office adage – “KISS” (Keep It Simple Stupid!).

It is surprising how often a luxury seat is given credit for driver comfort. In reality, if the driver says the truck feels safe and easy to drive it means a lower level of mental stress and tiredness which becomes critical towards the end of a tiring shift because he remains more alert. This benefit is frequently overlooked.

With a choice of payment and service options to complete the package, Samuk's range is currently hard to beat. These Asian-manufactured trucks are expected to match their Japanese rivals in terms of both quality and unsophisticated technology. Many drivers of the 'R' series would say they've done so already!

Factor in excellent visibility, a full-suspension seat for added comfort and smooth, quiet hydraulics – it's easy to see why many are beating a path to Samuk's door.

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