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Satellite navigation software from satnavcompany online for commercial vehicles

This month satnavcompany has seen a huge increase in sales of products for those who spend the long winter months on the road. The men and women who tirelessly make sure deliveries are on time and drive the coaches and buses to make sure we get home in time for Christmas, deserve some handy gadgets to help their journeys remain trouble free and provide some entertainment on the road. Here are some suggestions of the best technology you can order online.

Snooper Truckmate LITE S6000, £349.99
The S6000 features the first satellite navigation software with dedicated routing, designed specifically for trucks and large vehicles. Along with the Snooper award winning speed camera location technology, this Truckmate has been developed using feedback from 1000’s of professional drivers and is an affordable solution to long journey needs. With a seven inch display, hazards and height restrictions will be crystal clear. This model will even choose flat road route options over inclines, adapting to the height and weight of your vehicle to provide the most fuel and cost effective journey plan.

Snooper Truckmate Sryius S7000, £359.99
With all the great features of the S6000, this model combines the full seven inch full colour LCD screen with free TMC traffic information and Bluetooth hands free technology. Get all your favourite music at your fingertips with the built in MP3 player, providing a soundtrack to your journey. The Sryius Truckmate comes with a headphone socket so you can plug in headphones, but it is also possible to plug in an FM transmitter enabling you to transmit both the navigation instructions and your music through your vehicles car stereo. And if that wasn’t enough, you can also stream Freeview TV, which is built in the system, to keep you entertained on your breaks and overnight stops.

Snooper Truckmate Proline S2000, £249.99
We’ve all read the stories about satellite navigation systems trying to navigate a larger vehicle through inappropriate routes in the press, not only is it embarrassing, it’s also time consuming for professional drivers. The S2000 will ensure your route is stress free, saving you thousands on repairs from that low bridge you didn’t know was coming! The multi route option is a handy feature enabling you to enter up to ten postcodes for your day’s driving. The unit will plan one route incorporating each one of your destinations so there’s no stopping and starting, just a smooth journey all the way.

Fern Lee, from Satnavcompany, comments: "We’ve seen a significant increase in demand for technology that benefits those who spend most of their day on the road. We’re really pleased to be able to provide the very best and latest satellite navigation solutions and with the introduction of Paypal our customers can get their gadgets in just a few easy and secure clicks."

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