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SATO presents new versatile hand labelling systems

SATO, a leading supplier of solutions for automatic identification and data acquisition, and a pioneer in hand labelling, has launched two new products on the German market: the Judo % and the PB3 %. These sturdy, lightweight devices are two- and three-line hand labellers that allow price and product labels in the retail and food industries to be laid out according to individual wishes and produced quickly, easily and economically with high quality.

Both labellers feature predefined templates tailored to the German-speaking region. The rotating printing chamber enables direct selection of various phrases, including "Special price", "Reduced", "Special", "New price", "30% off" and "Best before". As a result, users in the garment and retail food sectors are no longer restricted to using separate label rolls with pre-printed phrases, or forced to manually compose phrases in the device, as has been common practice up to now. These two new labellers allow users to generate price labels faster and more flexibly, especially in price markdown (PMD) applications.

Fifty years ago SATO invented the Hand Labelling Solution (HLS), which has since become essential in many business areas in the merchandising and logistics sectors. It still maintains an established position for goods labelling in merchandising as well as production and warehousing, despite the widespread use of electronic material management systems. SATO’s HLS product line has grown to include a broad range of devices for a wide variety of applications and requirements.

All labellers feature high effectiveness and long life, fast loading, easy ink cartridge replacement, and a broad range of character sets. This makes them ideal for supporting applications in price, stock and quality management, such as price and discount labelling, date coding, product coding or shipment coding. SATO also offers an extensive range of labels in various formats and colours with a variety of adhesive options, as well as customer-specific pre-printed labels with the company logo or specific phrases. Single-line labellers such as the Kendo and two-line labellers such as the Judo are available with five, six, eight or 10 alphanumeric characters per line and two colour tapes (black and red). With character sizes up to 4.5 mm, they enable users to generate easily readable and user-friendly labels. Operators can print various label sizes from 12 x 22 mm to 16 x 26 mm. The three-line PB3 series gives users a choice of three different label formats (30 x 20.8 mm, 31.2 or 50.8 mm), which can be printed with up to 12 characters per line. With weights of just 280 g for the Kendo family, 300 g for the Judo devices and 460 g for the PB3 series, all SATO hand labellers are lightweight and easy to handle.

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