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SATO’s TH2 label printer meets new European law on food traceability

SATO, a leader in barcode printing, labelling and EPC/RFID solutions, has announced that its TH2 label printer enables food manufacturers to comply with the latest requirements brought by a new European law on food traceability. The law has been introduced to give better information to consumers. The list of information that now need to show on labels for pre-packed foods has been applicable since December 2011 and will be compulsory throughout Europe from December 2014.

The new regulations mean food manufacturers must inform consumers of the origin of fresh meat, fruits and vegetables, as well as the presence of allergens such as eggs, peanuts, nuts, milk as well as gluten that is contained in wheat, rye, barley and oats. Among other labelling requirements, manufacturers will have to inform the consumers if a product has been defrosted previously, and a minimal size of print font will also need to be used for easier reading.

SATO is at the forefront in labelling solutions and is already able to address these requirements with its revolutionary TH2 label printer. The printer has applications specific to the food industry and enables users to adhere easily to food preparation and labelling legislation. It offers portable, standalone, intelligent printing and introduces the concept of Application Enabled Printing (AEP). Using SATO’s software it is possible for a user to create a new application very easily and to transfer or update this information onto the SD memory of the unit via USB or LAN.

This feature, combined to an application that creates ingredient labelling, assists users in meeting food standards requirements as this highly versatile printer allows manufacturers to add any information necessary to their food preparation that will be now legally required. The printer can contain its own programs and database that can be altered at any time. As a result, food companies can use one printer for many applications and can adapt quickly to a potential change in legislation.

The TH2 is extremely simple to use, lightweight yet robust, able to operate within a temperature range between 0 and 40˚C and has an anti-microbial coating. Designed with practical use in mind, the TH2 is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows between 4,000 and 5,000 labels to be printed from a single charge. The TH2 features an in-built keypad, so there is no need for a PC in close proximity. It has a wide, adjustable LCD screen display which offers mobile phone type, intuitive operation.

SATO is always aware of price sensitivity; users will be impressed that despite its market-leading technical specification, the TH2 stands alone and there are no other products in its price bracket that offer such innovative features and benefits. Speaking about the launch of the TH2, SATO International Europe’s Managing Director, Brian Lang said, "For those working in the ultra-competitive food industry the TH2 represents a real problem solving solution. Not only is the price very attractive, but the ease of use and functionality bring manufacturers an all-in-one solution that is compliant with European legislation, helping buyers to choose foods that fit in their diet, and ensuring that the very best food standard practices are being used, managed and monitored."

The TH2 comes complete with a carrying handle as standard and a range of accessories is available such as a keypad cover, SD card, a hanging wall mount and a label cutter.

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