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Saudi Logistics celebrates latest ISO Certification

Saudi Logistics, a subsidiary of Banaja Holdings and an exclusive logistic company for the Healthcare industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has successfully upgraded its ISO certificate from ISO 9001:2000 to ISO 9001:2008.The latest, prestigious certificate is compliant with the International Organisation for Standardisation in the provision of logistics management encompassing supply/demand, warehousing, and transportation and distribution specialised in healthcare and related lines, confirming that SL consistently meets and exceeds client satisfaction and regulatory requirements throughout the entire organisation.

In order to secure 9001:2008 certification, SL was carefully evaluated throughout the enterprise from sales forecast, demand planning and customs clearance to warehousing and distribution. The analysis also included a thorough audit of policies and practices governing operations, confirming that these processes are applied with a firm commitment to ongoing improvement.
ISO certification complements SL’s stringent internal performance standards. The company’s mission statement is "A New Vision for Better Health". To honour this proclamation, SL regularly conducts extensive internal evaluations to ensure that all employees and processes are in compliance with the rigorous ISO quality control measures throughout every department. An SL spokesman confirmed, "Establishing reliable processes and training our personnel accordingly is fundamental to the credibility of our company. We proactively pursued the new, more exacting 2008 standard to demonstrate our total commitment to ongoing improvement and operational excellence. The independent validation of ISO certification provides peace of mind to clients that Saudi Logistics is dedicated to sound management practices that are thoroughly measured and evaluated."

SL provides a full range of 3PL services, including warehousing and distribution operations, public warehousing, fulfilment, and extensive value added services. They pledge to meet the exacting demands of healthcare and pharmaceutical logistics through speedy and secure temperature regulated transport and warehousing. Highly trained personnel are experienced in all aspects of third party logistics (3PL). Focus on technology allows them to improve the client supply chain through reduced costs, improved inventory visibility, greater inventory accuracy and added flexibility to accommodate clients’ changing needs.
Certain elements of SL’s operations distinguish it from other logistic providers such as their strict management of cold chain products from receipt to delivery to client, and tight climate control within different areas in the warehouse, including electronic recording of temperatures in these areas and archiving of them for three years. All operations are controlled by stringent measurement of Key Performance Indicators such as inventory accuracy, received shipment accuracy, order picking accuracy and performance. Tight inventory control with automatic FEFO inventory rotations and lot/batch and product expiry dates, together with scrupulous control and tracking ensure client confidence in the company and all operations in the warehouse are closely monitored by a pharmacist.

Mr Ghazi Melibari, Saudi Logistics GM, announced SL’s investment of 30 million S.R. to increase storage capacity by an additional 10,000 pallets in the warehouse facilities and distribution centres, adding that the company will also be marketing their 3PL services to companies other than Banaja subsidiaries.
Warehousing and distribution facilities are strategically located in order to provide optimum nationwide distribution of healthcare products.
With the award of the ISO 9001:2008 certificate and consequent far-reaching plans for expansion, Saudi Logistic’s optimism is surely well-founded.

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