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Save space and increase throughput with Astec Spiral Conveyors

Where space for material handling systems may be restricted or limited, new advances in spiral conveyor technology offer significant productivity and operational benefits for industries, providing continuous, smooth vertical transfer of product in either direction. Spiral conveyors provide a cost effective handling alternative to traditional incline conveyors because of their small footprint.

Astec's spiral conveyors are designed to support high throughput and continuous vertical product flow; featuring a space saving small footprint, with the additional benefits of low maintenance requirements and long operational life.

The pressure to increase throughput and shorten order fulfillment can often not be met by conventional elevators and lifts. High speed next generation spiral conveyors are the solution to conveying components and products in a continuous flow, operating at speeds of up to 50 Metres per minute. As these conveyors can handle a large variety of load types and sizes, there is minimal to no time required for stopping the line for changeover or adjustment, which contributes to maintaining a high throughput. Lifts and elevators simply do not offer these kinds of productivity enhancements, and as a norm are often more complex to operate, which translates into reduced reliability and higher maintenance and
energy costs.

Astec's versatile slat bed spiral conveyors can transport loads up to 50 kg up or down, in a single or multiple lane execution. Various products can be conveyed from small lightweight single cans and bottles, cartons, trays, tote boxes, shrink wrapped product, through to sacks.

Astec spiral conveyors represent a new concept in vertical conveying, based on a low friction chain slat arrangement and high quality components assures low maintenance and long life.

Available in painted mild steel or food quality stainless steel, the modular constructed spiral conveyor only needs one drive, even for units with 12 turns, which equates to substantial savings in controls and systems integration.

The compact design means that these spiral conveyors can be pre-assembled, pre-tested and shipped in one piece to the end user to reduce onsite time, installation costs and avoid disruption to ongoing operations. Designed to elevate/ lowerate product, the versatile spiral conveyors are simple to install and can be supplied with controls to interface with other suppliers equipment.

Several standard model configurations are available to accommodate a wide range of loads/ applications and can have extended in-feed/ out-feed conveyors.

Combining two or more spiral conveyors can provide an efficient dynamic intermediate storage or buffering solution, utilising overhead space effectively, whilst preserving valuable floor space.

A typical application for buffering occurs when products need extra time for cooling, drying, or curing. This configuration also provides dynamic accumulation to facilitate shorter production and packaging line interruptions.

Full details are now available from Astec Conveyors or visit www.astecconveyors.com

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