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Savoye develops warehouse solution for Procter and Gamble

Savoye has won a contract to develop an automated order preparation solution for Procter and Gamble’s distribution centre in Bournemouth. The south coast based hub handles cosmetics and perfume brands manufactured by P&G, which also offers distribution and storage services to other consumer brands.

The project involves the implementation of the latest pick-to-light technology and a range of packaging solutions, which will all be controlled by a bespoke warehouse control system (WCS) developed by Savoye.

A key feature of the project is the development of Savoye’s WCS software to manage the interface between the pick-to-light system and the flow of products throughout the warehouse. P&G’s investment in the Bournemouth facility is set to create one of the most automated sites of its kind in the UK cosmetics industry. Savoye has recently undertaken similar projects for Estee Lauder and Sisley in France, where innovations in pick-to-light, packaging and warehouse management systems have been pioneered.

Savoye UK’s sales director, Martin Elliott, said: "While many elements of the P&G project are made up of tried and tested solutions, we have bespoked our approach in many areas to fit exactly the customer requirements. For instance, while the specialised WCS system has been developed to meet the needs of the pick and pack process, we have also worked hard to provide additional features in other areas of the facility. In certain parts of the conveying system we are installing specially designed trays to collect dust and other matter that may impact on product quality. Similarly, we are improving the design of picking stations to enhance staff wellbeing and productivity."

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