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Savoye warehouse software and equipment solutions launch new Logistics Manager Suite at IMHX 2010

Savoye, one of the world’s leading logistics software and warehouse equipment solution providers, has selected IMHX in November 2010 for the UK launch of its new Logistics Manager Suite (LMS).

Developed for use by smaller companies, Logistics Manager Suite (LMS) brings together all of the products developed and integrated by Savoye’s specialist software development team into three main functional sections: supply chain management; warehouse management; and flow management.

The supply chain management element of LMS is the decision-making layer, which allows control of a multi-site organisation, the allocation of orders to the right warehouse, as well as the management of supplies and the optimisation of stock levels. It includes two primary elements: LM order management, used to allocate orders to distribution centres; and LM stock optimiser for the effective management of stock levels and supplies.

It is designed to help logistic managers by offering functionalities from the optimisation of stock levels to multi-site control, whatever the type of logistic organisation, such as regional warehouses, central platform and proximity depots and dedicated centres among others.

The warehouse management element, which controls goods-in to dispatch, has been designed to optimise all of the distribution platform’s logistic processes, from goods-in to dispatch; ensuring the perfecting of numerous techniques and is made up of three warehouse management software packages (WMS).

Finally, flow management optimises transport flows, with complete solutions, which can be applied just as well to "loaders" as to "transport organiser" profiles. It offers two complementary components intended for loaders; LM transport order optimiser, for billing checking and allocating orders to transport service providers and LM transport quality management, for transport quality management. It also offers LM shipping manager, a component that is completely dedicated to transport managers, either using their own resources or out-sourcing

UK sales director, Martin Elliott, explains the benefits of the new LMS package: "While we are used to dealing with some of the biggest brands’ supply chain challenges, we are equally aware that many medium sized business want the functionality of the bespoke WMS without the price tag. Our LMS has been designed to meet that need; a complete warehouse management system that can be plugged in and ready to go within days."

Logistics managers are faced with many issues including shortened delivery deadlines, an increasing number of references, product heterogeneity, frequent changes in managed references, very low error tolerance, fluctuating or seasonal activity and quality norms and standards. Savoye’s LMS solution enables customers to advance on five performance axes: physical storage optimisation, reducing working capital need; productivity optimisation, synonymous with financial performance; quality improvement, a real advantage over competitors; multi-level traceability, synonymous with safety; and activity improvement, using decision-making control, to improve anticipation.

Savoye is on stand J85 in Hall 19 at the IMHX Exhibition (NEC, Birmingham, 16-19 November 2010).

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