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Saxlund’s latest technology reduces running costs for biomass industry

Leading supplier of innovative biomass combustion products offers major advantages to customers searching for low power solutions providing 25% lower energy use compared to other techniques

Materials handling specialist Saxlund International has unveiled the latest innovation to join its portfolio of bulk materials and biomass combustion technology products.

The TubeFeeder® is specifically designed for the fast moving pellet market, which reclaims bulk material from rectangular bunkers and large-diameter silos. Its launch positions Saxlund at the forefront of modern materials handling solutions, which reduces operational costs in energy and wear; improves process control by uniform feed rate, homogenisation and decreases particle degradation; and reduces overall investment costs in structure and electrical installations.

One key performance factor is the homogenisation of the fuel reclaim, due to the operational nature of the TubeFeeder® it consistently reclaims a cross section of the material in the bunker, this homogenisation in the fuel supply will lead to improved boiler efficiency.

Saxlund has designed worldwide leading patented technology for more than 60 years and operates within numerous sectors, including cement, biomass handling, renewable energy and biomass pelleting. The TubeFeeder® technology is licenced by Saxlund from Main Engineering AB in Sweden and has been used successfully as a low energy biomass reclaimer for many years, over many sites around the world.

The TubeFeeder® is designed to provide continuous, high-volume reclamation of bulk materials. The patented product consists of an open screw conveyor housed inside a rotating tube. This tube is perforated with a regular slot pattern permitting ‘activated’ material to fall onto the screw conveyor, thereby eliminating the external static material pressure on the screw and presenting a uniform feed to the screw.

Matt Drew, Saxlund’s Managing Director, commented: "We’re pleased to launch our latest product and provide customers with patented technology that is energy efficient – consuming as little as 25% of the power needed for traditional exposed screw reclaimers – and provides gentle handling of the materials, which can be installed in flat-bottomed bunkers and silos with large spans and diameters, in addition to open-air stockpiles.

"The TubeFeeder® is well suited for processes that require a high level of accuracy, as it offers a superior solution for industries that place exacting demands on efficiency and performance of their materials handling processes. Some of our biggest clients in the biomass sectors have just begun using this technology in their power stations, as low power is great news for the biomass market, as it’s extremely economical to use an extractor of material in large-scale installations."

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