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Scalable storage solution grows with Greggs for 10 years

Storage systems specialist RediRack is celebrating ten years as ‘bakery food-on-the-go’ retailer Greggs’ primary pallet racking supplier.

During its long relationship with Greggs, RediRack has supplied and installed racking and other storage products to Greggs’ dedicated ambient, chilled and frozen storage facilities throughout the UK.

Greggs’ Group Production Project Manager, Peter Boughton, commented: "RediRack’s solution is perfect for us because it is scalable. Because it can be changed easily, it is both cost-effective and time saving.

"The RediRack project team always respond to our changing needs in a timely manner, helping us find cost effective solutions that allow Greggs to save time and money."

RediRack’s Gary Marriott, who has handled the Greggs account on RediRack’s behalf for the past decade, commented: "Because we have been manufacturing our racking the same way since the mid-1970s, it is straightforward for us to adapt Greggs’ storage systems or add additional pallet spaces as required without having to introduce an entirely new system every time one of Greggs’ sites is reconfigured.

"We always go the extra mile to deliver projects on time and within budget, responding to Greggs changing needs where necessary. Our scalable storage solutions have supported Greggs’ growth in a cost effective way and we are delighted to have had such a long and successful working relationships with Greggs."

The RediRack system is very popular within the food industry due, in part, to the fact that it is easier to maintain and keep clean than alternative systems – something which makes compliance with stringent food industry hygiene regulations simpler to realise.

Ease of maintenance is achieved thanks to the ‘bolt free’ manufacturing technique used in the production of RediRack’s pallet racking. RediRack is the UK’s only manufacturer of welded frame racking and, because the system is ‘bolt free,’ there are no areas within the racking’s horizontal or vertical sections where food particles can collect, while its seamless painted surfaces can be easily wiped clean when required.

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