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Scania 6x6 G500 trucks replace dumpers in Norway

Scania 6×6 G500 trucks replace dumpers in Norway

Construction fleets in Norway have been seeking the help of Scania to overcome the issue of dump trucks outgrowing the country’s public roads. The result for one haulage fleet, Per A Øren AS of Høyanger, a small municipality in west Norway, is the order of three new Scania 6×6 G500 construction trucks with extra large wheels and Allison 4500 Series transmissions with retarders.

Lasse Øren is the head of the construction department at Per A Øren AS: “In the past, we had many dumpers in the company, but when they became too large to run on public roads, we needed to find alternatives. Stangeland, which is a much larger colleague in the industry, had the same problems that they had solved together with Scania. We got to see their new Scania 6×6 G500 with extra large wheels at a vehicle fair a few years ago and thought it would suit us too.”

To date, Per A Øren has ordered three of these trucks, which are able to perform the same task as the existing dump trucks. Interest among other haulers is high and the company often receives enquiries about their new construction trucks.

“You can almost talk about this as a trend. I see many advantages, especially that they can run on public roads. They are cheaper than dumpers both to purchase and to operate. They have high ground clearance and are quicker to load and unload. The fully automatic transmission from Allison means that the startability with full load on a steep hill is absolutely superb. Fuel consumption is lower and maintenance costs on the transmission are minimal. It is really only planned service stops for the change of oil and oil filters that need to be done,” says Øren

The G500 has also been tested with standard, as opposed to extra-large wheels, on one of the trucks. “It works perfectly well and provides road features like any other construction truck,” says Øren.

The new trucks are the first in the history of the company that are equipped with Allison’s fully automatic transmissions; the remainder of the fleet is fitted with automated manual transmissions (AMTs).

“We are very pleased with how the transmissions work. They are very reliable and change gear smoothly and nicely. Although the driver comfort in modern dumpers has become much better, it still has a long way to go to match our new Scanias,” says Øren. He continues: “We have just gotten a new assignment where these construction trucks will fit perfectly. I wouldn’t be surprised if we will invest in another couple within a year. Of course, those will also be equipped with Allison’s fully automatic transmissions,” concludes Øren.

Høyanger is a small municipality with roughly 4,000 inhabitants yet is home to well-developed industrial activity. Per A Øren was founded in 1925 and has grown into a versatile transport company that offers a full service to the industry. For a long time, transport services were most in demand but since 2009, construction operations are the largest.

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