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Scanner upgrade helps chartered surveyors aid storm hit welsh coast

A Midlands Chartered Survey Company has been helping to clean up devastation caused by recent storms throughout the UK, with the help of the very latest in laser scanning technology.

Severn Partnership, a company with over 30 years’ experience within the surveying industry, has upgraded its equipment to the latest Leica P20 Scanner. The new Leica ScanStation P20 Laser Scanner offers the highest specification image data available, and has been instrumental in helping Severn Partnership provide critical site reports to the badly damaged Tywyn coastal railway line.

The Leica P20 is the best Ultra-high speed scanner in its class and records up to 1 million points per second, bringing unprecedented data quality close up and at range (up to 120m). It enabled Severn Partnership to produce an in-depth site report for the Tywyn coastal railway line. The railway line, which runs between Dovey Junction and Pwllheli had been devastated by high tides and heavy winds during adverse weather.

Sea defences in Tywyn were damaged to such an extent that in parts the railway was covered with debris from both the beach and coastal defences. The report by Severn contained a number of recommendations needed in order for the railway line to re-open safely. With the help of the new scanner, the company was able to outline a number of key areas which may prevent future damage to the track, it also mean t that the team from Severn could scan close up areas of the devastation from a safe distance.

The technology was provided by SCCS which has also provided Severn Partnership with detailed training for its entire laser scanning hardware and software requirements, ensuring Severn is always abreast with industry developments.

Phil Marsh of SCCS said ‘By investing in the latest P20 Leica scanner Severn Partnership solidify their presence at forefront of this technology, strengthening their capabilities within the construction and rail transport sector. We wish them every success with their future Scan to BIM projects.’

Mark Combes, Managing director at Severn Partnership said ‘Whilst Severn are continually developing our in-house programmes and software, it is also vital to keep up-to-date with the latest equipment updates, it is only when both our equipment and software programmes operate cohesively that we can offer results which are of continued high quality- which is what our clients expect from us. By using the Leica P20 scanner in Tywyn we were able to create precise profiles of the sea wall and beach area, in great detail- this ensured any design recommendations made were greatly founded from the detailed data we collected using the scanner’.

The Leica P20 will also be used by Severn Partnership in future projects to build BIMs that can be reused through its sister company SEEABLE. SEEABLE will make the BIM accessible to non-technical users of the data as an innovative app on smartphones, remote devices and desktops.

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