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Schoeller Allibert makes a clever move with new RTP design

A clever solution originally designed for a major French sports retailer has become the latest addition to Schoeller Allibert’s range of returnable transit packaging (RTP). The CMB – Clever Move Box – is a foldable distribution container that offers 80 litres of storage space, folding down when empty to a height of just 67mm.

The container was devised for a specialist European manufacturer of sports wear and equipment, to replace limited trip cardboard containers and existing stackable crates in the retail supply chain. The customer had specified a solution that was foldable, maximised usable volume, was easy to open and fold, would fit automatic sorting machines and had a security lid.

Simon Knights, regional sales director – UK/Ireland from Schoeller Allibert explains: "We developed a new CMB container based on these requirements and it quickly became evident that it was an extremely versatile solution that would be compatible with returnable distribution systems across a wide range of industries. It has all the advantages of an attached-lid container (ALC) with the internal capacity of a straight-walled stacking container and features a whole host of benefits."

The CMB has external dimensions of 600mm x 400mm x 400mm with an attached lid to protect from dust or rain, and with tamper-evident security for high-value loads. Ribbed sides give the container strength and rigidity and this ribbing is mirrored on the attached lid and enables it to sit flush to the side of the container when open, completely eliminating any lid flare. This, in turn, means that there are no gaps between containers when they are placed open on shelving for order picking, preventing small items from falling between containers and protecting the lids from damage. Lack of lid flare also means that the containers can be stacked open as well as folded and will not catch on conveyors or automated handling equipment.

Designed to fold within its footprint, the sides of the CMB are fixed by a simple latch and fold down rather than collapsing inwards, which adds to the strength and stability and prevents accidental closure by impact to the side walls. As well as offering an improved folding and opening sequence the container is also easy to repair. It has an integrated label holder on one short side and an area for customisation or an adhesive label on the other side, with ergonomic handles.

CMB safely carries a unit load of 20kg and, when stacked, will carry a combined load of up to 240kg on the bottom container.

On outward journeys, the filled containers can be stacked on top of each other with five boxes on a layer on a standard UK pallet, stacked five high to a height of 2.2 metres (including pallet), giving a volumetric load of 2,000 litres per pallet space, 250 litres per pallet more than a stack and nest attached lid container of the same extenal dimensions. On return journeys, using the same size pallet, 145 folded CMBs can be carried, compared to 64 of the nested attached lid containers.

Simon Knights adds: "This design has the potential to become an industry standard for returnable distribution systems. It maximises storage and minimises the usage of space so will deliver considerable long-term cost benefits both in terms of storage and transit costs."

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