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Schoeller Arca Systems’ Dollies for Safer Manual Handling

Schoeller Arca Systems, Europe's leading returnable packaging manufacturer, produces a range of wheeled platforms that carry crate stacks safely, swiftly and simply. Known as dollies, they make for tidier work areas by keeping containers off the floor and help employees move heavy loads, reducing the likelihood of them suffering injuries through manual handling.

Manual handling relates to any transporting or supporting of a load and includes lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving.

Approximately one third of all reported injuries are due to incorrect manual handling and associated costs, including lost productivity, lawsuits and training replacement staff, come to over £100 million a year. Using proper handling equipment, such as Schoeller Arca Systems' dollies, helps prevent accidents like these.

Made from various materials, including galvanised steel and high quality plastic, Schoeller Arca Systems' dollies have different base versions, wheels and castors to suit specific containers and applications.

Schoeller Arca Systems' 400 x 600mm dolly is popular in the retail industry. Used for replenishing stock, it replaces heavy metal roll cages that waste storage space when empty and allows staff to move goods from the warehouse to the shop floor easily. The dolly features a grooved base that keeps containers secure and a convenient deck height, which makes for comfortable loading. It requires little maintenance and is easy to keep clean, leading to higher productivity and increased hygiene.

All Schoeller Arca Systems' dollies are lightweight, hygienic and suitable for use in cold stores and freezers. They are robust, durable and can withstand rough treatment, making them suitable for industrial environments.

Russell Smith, Business Sector Manager at Schoeller Arca Systems,is positive; “Schoeller Arca Systems' dollies reduce the risk of injuries associated with manual handling, increasing safety levels. They are easy to implement and have become standard equipment for shops, warehouses and distribution centres. Schoeller Arca Systems offers a wide range of dollies – something to suit every application.”

For more information visit www.schoellerarcasystems.co.uk.

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