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Schoeller Arca Systems’ Floor Slats Increase Safety

Schoeller Arca Systems, Europe's leading returnable packaging manufacturer, offers a range of interlocking plastic floor slats, which provide a safe, non-slip, stable surface. Specially cushioned and comfortable to walk, work or stand on, they allow operators to work longer and reduce the likelihood of them suffering strain injuries, known as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

MSDs affect one million people in the UK each year. They are often severe or long-term and can have devastating health implications. Associated costs, including lost productivity, lawsuits, rehabilitation and training replacement staff, are high.

Russell Smith, Business Sector Manager at Schoeller Arca Systems, commented; “Back and leg musculoskeletal disorders, caused by prolonged standing or repetitive movement, are problematic in many industries and can cost companies thousands of pounds each year. Schoeller Arca Systems' floor slats help prevent injuries like these, making for safer, more comfortable working environments.”

Made of 100% recyclable plastic, Schoeller Arca Systems' floor slats resist moisture, oils and most acids and chemicals. This makes them versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. The slats allow goods to be stored on the ground by raising them above the floor surface, keeping them clean, safe and dry. In addition, they protect employees against slips and falls by lifting foot traffic above wet, slippery surfaces.

Users can combine and interlock the various straights and corner sections to cover an entire floor, or create islands where employees face prolonged periods of standing or repetitive movement. Ramps provide easy access for dollies, trolleys and other handling equipment.

Russell continued; “Schoeller Arca Systems' floor slats are a simple, cost effective means of keeping employees safe and comfortable. They reduce the risk of MSDs and other work-related accidents. Floor slats can be quickly and easily assembled, with minimal disruption to work areas.”

For more information visit www.schoellerarcasystems.co.uk.

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