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Schoeller Arca Systems’ Stack & Nest Container

New from Schoeller Arca Systems iSchoeller Arca Systems' Stack & Nest Containers a returnable plastic crate that offers outstanding nesting capabilities. When empty, the containers slide into one another and occupy 80% less space, making them efficient to transport and store. This leads to substantial cost savings. Users can rotate the crates 180 degrees and stack them when full, a process simplified by the crate's two-colour appearance. The new stack nest container is ideal for transporting agricultural products, such as fresh fruit, salads and vegetables.

In the UK, there are strict regulations that govern the transport of fresh food. Products must be of excellent quality and safe to eat. Plastic is easy to clean and has smooth edges that eliminate bug traps. It does not rust, helping prevent food contamination, and resists moisture, fat and some acids, solvents and chemicals. These properties make plastic a safe, hygienic packaging material.

Schoeller Arca Systems' new stack nest container is light, yet strong and durable. It has perforations in the base and sides that allow air circulation and humidity evacuation, which help keep the goods fresh. The crate is suitable for use with conveyors and automated stacking equipment, and has an alcove for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips. It has an individual load capacity of 15kg and is suitable for use in cold stores.

The 600 x 400 x 238mm stack nest container weighs just 1.7kg and features ergonomic handles, making it easy to carry. When nested, 220 units will fit on one pallet. The container doubles as a retail display case, so goods can travel straight to the shelves. It will be popular with agricultural, grocery and retail companies looking to increase handling efficiency and reduce costs.

“We originally developed the new stack nest container for a major European produce company, which required a hygienic, cost effective means of transporting fresh salads”, commented Russell Smith, Business Sector Manager at Schoeller Arca Systems. He continued; “It is an example of Schoeller Arca Systems tailoring a product to specific customer requirements. The crate exceeds all expectations and we have received an initial order for 700,000 units.”

For more information visit www.schoellerarcasystems.co.uk.

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