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Schwank is the hot news at IMHX 2013

, the flexible Schwank systems can be easily changed and adjusted.

Schwank projects have included heating a new logistics centre in Leipzig for the leading internet retailer Amazon. The total area of the building could encompass eleven football pitches, with products stored ranging from electronics to hardware and from furnishings to sports equipment. While most products required only frost protection, heating was essential at the 48 loading docks and a comfort temperature of 20oC was necessary for the stock room and picking areas. Spot heating was also needed at selected work stations.

Working closely with Amazon, Schwank tailored a high energy efficient system to meet these demands accurately and cost effectively, with precision temperature control provided through Schwank’s ThermoControl Plus solution.

Schwank supplies a wide range of industrial heating products and tailor-made heating solutions, including plaque heaters and tube heaters, manufactured in Germany to the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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