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Scots engineers celebrate 10,000 safety device sales

Scottish engineering firm Reactec has celebrated another milestone after selling its 10,000th safety device in the UK.

The firm has broken past the five figure barrier for sales of its innovative HAVmeter safety devices, which monitor exposure to vibration levels and helps reduce injuries among workers using vibrating power tools.

The latest milestone comes just weeks after the firm revealed that over £1 million worth of HAVmeters were currently available through UK hire companies alone – and the new figure includes sales to construction, ground maintenance and manufacturing companies.

Jim O’Hagan, Managing Director of Reactec, said that the latest milestone proved that the HAVmeter is becoming the safety equipment of choice for many of the biggest companies the UK.

He added: "We are delighted to have achieved 10,000+ HAVmeter sales across the country and we’re looking forward to continuing this success in the coming years.

"We’ve sold HAVmeters to some of the biggest names in the construction sector, as well as many ground maintenance firms, hire companies, manufacturing firms and civil engineers. Clearly, the issue of hand arm vibration injuries is a major concern for employers within these sectors and they want to invest in the best product available to protect their staff from these injuries.

"Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) is one of the biggest dangers facing anyone who regularly uses vibrating tools or equipment. It is a crippling disease that can leave you unable to perform even the simplest of tasks such as picking up a glass, tying your shoelaces and there is no cure.

"However, you can prevent the disease from being contracted by limiting your exposure to vibration. Our HAVmeters record exactly how much exposure that every worker faces when using vibrating tools and provides individual reports for each user so they can clearly see whether they are in safe levels.

"We’ve already sold HAVmeters to companies including Aston Martin, Balfour Beatty, Tarmac, Norfolk County Council, Sir Robert McAlpine and Severfield Rowen – and many more firms are now following suit and seeing the devices as the best way to keep their workers safe from injury."

The HAVmeter system allows any workers using vibrating tools to easily and accurately monitor their exposure levels to Hand Arm Vibration. Every worker has a HAVmeter that is programmed with their vibration exposure limits, and they attach the device to every tool that they use during their shift.

A key benefit of the HAVmeter system is the accurate analysis and reporting of each employee’s trigger time and total HSE points accumulated during a day’s shift, which replaces inaccurate and cumbersome paper-based systems that were previously used to record exposure.

The HAVmeter system builds up a complete and detailed record of tool usage and HSE exposure points for each employee every day. Once the data is uploaded into Toolminder software, a comprehensive set of standard and custom reports can be created that show workers a full breakdown of their exposure to vibration levels that occupational healthcare staff can use to manage each employees healthcare plan.

The reports are complete, accurate and with no ambiguity – providing the most comprehensive information about exposure to HAV levels in the workplace.

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