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Scottish haulage contractor relies on Stertil Koni heavy duty vehicle lift

Scottish haulage contractor relies on Stertil Koni heavy duty vehicle lift

One of Scotland’s leading haulage contractors, William Nichol Limited, relies on a Stertil Koni heavy duty 4-post vehicle lift to support round-the-clock workshop operations at its site in Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire.

Widely recognised by its vehicles’ distinctive red and burgundy livery, William Nichol Limited is a prominent trucking company specialising in timber haulage. The company’s fleet comprises over 50 wheeled units including articulated vehicles, trailers and 6-wheel rigid lorries. Working solely for James Jones & Sons of Larbert, vehicle reliability is essential hence the decision to purchase the Stertil Koni 4-post vehicle lift, type ST4175.

Providing an impressive lifting capacity of 17.5 tonnes, the electro-hydraulic ST4175 has been designed without cross beams thereby allowing workshop engineers complete accessibility to the underside of raised vehicles. This feature has proved invaluable when positioning axle stands, transmission jacks and other equipment during repair, maintenance and servicing operations. Another important element of the lift’s design is its 9000mm long platform which provides a low drive-on height of just 240mm. This means that vehicles of all types, including those with a low clearance, can be driven onto the lift easily and safely.

All movement of the ST4175 lift is controlled electronically. Precise operator control of the lift is achieved by using a well positioned control panel mounted on one of the lifting columns. The control panel also allows workshop engineers to programme a number of functions into the lift including the setting of a maximum lifting height. The 4-post lift also features a maintenance-free synthetic runner wheel system, which is self lubricating and is covered by a lifetime guarantee. Additionally, a range of accessories is available including air-operated jacking beams and LED lighting kits.

Complete safety is assured by a patented gravity locking mechanism that works completely independently of the lifting system and is permanently enabled. In addition, each lifting cylinder is fitted with an oil flow control valve that is active throughout the lifting process. This feature is complemented by a specially integrated pressure-relief valve that prevents overloading on each lifting column of the 4-post lift.

The ST4175 was specified to replace on existing inspection pit which, due to the high water table of the site, was susceptible to flooding thereby causing severe disruption to operations within the workshop.

“Our workshop engineers are very impressed with the performance and reliability of the Stertil Koni lift,” says William Nichol, Director. “The workshop is often in use from 6.00am until midnight so it’s vital that the lift doesn’t let us down. In truth, it never has and we also benefit from a service contract that makes sure everything works perfectly – first time, every time.”

Tony Edge
Tel: 01604 662049
Email: lifts@stertil.co.uk

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