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Second generation of reach trucks with super-elastic tyres

Thanks to its excellent ground clearance and superelastic tyres Jungheinrich's new ETV C16/20 reach truck is suitable for work both inside and outside the warehouse or distribution centre during lorry loading and offloading.

The newly launched version of the popular ETV C16/20 indoor/outdoor reach truck features a host of other functions designed to improve throughput and, therefore, reduce handling costs.

For example the new model has electric 180° steering with a small and quietly operating steering wheel, while Curve Control – Jungheinrich's successful truck stability system – is now fitted as standard on the new ETV C16/20.

Acceleration is fast and direct, while changes in direction are effortless and smooth, not to mention mechanically wear free. Even when operating outside in the wet the new reach trucks can change travel direction without wheel spinning and, with tyre wear adding significantly to the cost of operating trucks, this feature is certain to be of interest to cost-conscious fleet managers.

The new ETV C16/20 has been designed to be capable of operating in even smaller aisle widths than its predecessor. When picking up 1200mm deep pallets the new model can comfortably work in aisles as narrow as 2,829 mm – ensuring that users make optimum use of their available storage space. The truck can lift loads weighing up to 1,600 kg (ETV C16) or 2,000 kg (ETV C20) to heights of 7,100 mm (ETV C16) or 7,400 mm (ETV C20).

For the operator, the workplace of the new ETV C16/20 provides excellent working conditions. Due to the truck's electric steering, there is no steering column in the cockpit which enables the operator to mount and dismount quickly and safely. This also ensures ample legroom is available and provides a comfortable sitting position on the reach truck. In addition, an adjustable backrest and body weight facility on the truck's Comfort seat allows the operator to adjust the sitting position to his or her exact requirements.

Loads can be raised or lowered gently via Jungheinrich's SOLO PILOT or MULTI PILOT truck function control system, while an integrated weighing device that gives the operator information about the weight, is an additional safety feature.

Craig Johnson, marketing manager of Jungheinrich UK Ltd, comments: “Thanks to its robust design this new reach truck removes the need for double handling. It is equally at home on smooth floors inside a building and when operating on bumpy surfaces found outside for lorry loading and unloading duties. This means that for many applications this will be the only truck that users need.”


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