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Secure parcel delivery from NetDespatch identification system

NetDespatch has announced a secure parcel delivery system that ensures that goods are only released to authorised recipients. Called SecureScan, the system requires two cryptographically paired encoded barcodes to be matched on delivery to confirm the recipient’s ID. This eliminates the need for a hand-written signature and is not only safer but also more convenient.

The result of a joint development by NetDespatch and First Ondemand, NetDespatch SecureScan uses the latest Internet, auto ID and wireless communications technology to provide a fully authenticated proof of delivery. The system is expected to significantly reduce the costs associated with the misdelivery of high value goods and subsequent disputed delivery claims.

As goods are ordered, SecureScan creates a matched pair of unique digital tokens. Produced as a barcode, one token is assigned to the recipient of the goods and the other to the package. On delivery a positive ID is provided by scanning and matching the two parts, allowing the goods to be released.

Both companies are Oracle business partners and by combining NetDespatch’s extensive web-based booking platform and experience with First Ondemand’s unique, secure and intelligent identity middleware application Authentisec, end users throughout the value chain will benefit from an improved and more reliable service.

"SecureScan was presented for the first time at the recent World Mail and Express Europe event in Munich, Germany. It will appeal to anyone shipping higher value goods and in particular has many advantages for retailers offering home delivery," said Becky Clark, NetDespatch’s CEO. "By matching each item for delivery with the correct recipient through the two factor authentication system, SecureScan will protect carriers and shippers from the costly and administrative burden of misdelivery and doorstep theft."

First Ondemand’s CEO Douglas Shand said: "The rapid increase in Internet shopping is leading to a greater risk of fraud and loss in-transit than ever before. To reduce the costs, inconvenience and disappointment associated with this insidious type of crime, goods need the correct validation and authentication of both the consignee and consignor. The ability to incorporate an identity and authentication layer into these processes brings a greater level of client and customer assurance. NetDespatch SecureScan has mass market appeal which will change the way the way companies and people exchange goods and create a market-leading solution."

Matthew Robertson, Commercial Director, NetDespatch on +44 (0)1628 471047

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