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Secure shredding operation proves a great success for Premier Waste Management

The operation is shredding an average of 62 tonnes of paper each month and collecting a further 50 tonnes per month of mixed recycling from small businesses.

Businesses are now able to securely dispose of confidential paper documents such as customer records and contracts etc, the shredding process render the material unreadable. The bales of shredded paper are then sent to paper mills in the UK where it is made into tissue paper.

Graeme Carter, commercial manager at Premier Waste, said: "Every company has material that they need to keep secret: staff records, customer files, company plans, etc. It is worth double checking before you do a spring clean of your filing cabinets what should be shredded and what can simply be recycled. Sending your confidential paper for shredding and recycling has a much lower carbon footprint than land-filling or incinerating the paper."

Businesses are able to select the frequency of their paper collections and those that opt for regular collections can also dispose of other recyclable materials such as drinks cans, cardboard, old electrical equipment and toner cartridges that are donated to The Butterwick Hospice.

Graeme Carter, commercial manager at Premier Waste, said: "We’re extremely pleased with the growth of the shredding operation, which was a new area for Premier but very much in demand by businesses.

We will be expanding the service to our Yorkshire and East Riding customers in the coming months.

"Given its success and to meet the growing demand, we are now looking to replace the shredder with a more powerful model to allow us to process more paper per hour improving our efficiencies and most importantly ensuring that we continue to divert waste from landfill."

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