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Security-led design makes VisionTrack’s new VT1000 a standout HD vehicle camera

Recorded footage security is integral to VisionTrack’s new VT1000 premium high definition vehicle camera, which launched today and is ideal for fleets wanting to take their first steps into the world of in-vehicle CCTV.

With a super-wide 170 pillar-to-pillar angle lens, the camera records high-quality footage in 1080p and has a built-in GPS receiver to ensure vehicle location and speed accuracy, helping  fleets mitigate the risk of insurance fraud and monitor vehicles to improve driving standards and operational efficiency. It also benefits from a security-led design, whereby a key is needed to access the memory card and the recording angle is locked in place, negating any concerns around footage being compromised.

Managing Director Simon Marsh
Managing Director Simon Marsh

Simon Marsh, VisionTrack’s Managing Director, said: “It is important that every fleet has the opportunity to utilise vehicle cameras that provide irrefutable evidence in the event of an incident, especially where fault is being disputed by a third party. The VT1000 is a device that requires minimal investment, opening up this technology to fleets of any size. As well as suiting businesses looking for a camera-only fleet solution, it is perfect for organisations keen to trial this type of equipment to gain initial insight into how it can be of benefit before investing further in higher specification 3G telematics cameras.”

Speaking of the VT1000’s security features, Simon added: “Many vehicle cameras used by fleets were originally made for individual car users and, as fleet adoption of these devices has boomed, some camera companies have added locking cases as a security afterthought. These cases do not always provide adequate protection against users accessing the format button and deleting footage that a fleet operator may need to see. This is where the VT1000 differs, being developed with integrated locking case and lockable recording angle so managers can have peace of mind. Plus, it also comes with alarm outputs so it can be integrated into third party telematics and is made for fleet use.”

VisionTrack’s VT1000 is the second product to be launched this year by the in-vehicle CCTV specialist, with its flagship VT2000 3G telematics camera released in January. Offering advanced functionalities, the VT2000 allows a ten-second video clip to be transmitted to a fleet manager or insurance company within seconds using only 350kB of data.

“Within our cutting edge range of products we have solutions to cater for all fleets, whether they are looking for a standalone camera or a complete 3G telematics camera,” added Simon. “Having had first-hand fleet experience, we have been able to design our cameras around fleet needs. We believe our equipment and big data platform to be among the most high-tech and scalable on the market.”

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