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Self contained washing system for commercial vehicles from DF Ecology

DF Ecology is a manufacturing company which specialises in the development, production and marketing of a range of environmentally focussed products, operated by rental firms, demolition contractors, recycling and construction companies. The company is a division of the leading Italian construction equipment manufacturer, TowerLight SRL.

In the UK, DF Ecology products are distributed by Milton Keynes based, TowerLight (UK) Ltd.

The latest development from DF Ecology is a self contained washing system, entitled the Wash Rack, which was launched in the UK at the recent Executive Hire Show, held during February in Coventry. The Wash Rack is designed to thoroughly clean a line of light vehicles, plant and machinery whilst protecting the wider environment from contaminates commonly found on vehicles and construction equipment. It is swiftly installed on site or in a depot.

The Wash Rack features a sturdy low angle approach ramp which allows even low profile equipment being swiftly located onto the wash pad. The wash pad has a diamond patterned tread, with grit impregnated surface for to ensure excellent traction, with no undulations or any other trip or slip hazards. The Wash Rack operates from recycled water and therefore alleviates the need to apply for a discharge licence.

To aid the safe disposal of environmentally risky material, the Wash Rack is fitted with a series of separation tanks that securely isolates diesel, petrol, oils, grease and other chemicals, making these hazardous contaminates ready for proper disposal.

The complete unit has a 300 kg per wheel load capacity and will support vehicles and equipment up to 90 tons in weight. The Wash Rack can be installed above ground as a semi-permanent installation and its 2-metre high walls will help to ensure that overspray is kept to a minimum.

Paul Hay, from TowerLight (UK), explained, "This unit was developed from discussions with our customers who are having to comply with increasing environmental and health and safety legislation especially related towards the cleaning of plant. Currently, the only option they have is to install a permanent tank, which invariably involves ground excavation."

"This will be expensive and many companies may find it difficult to obtain planning permission," continued Paul. "Therefore the Wash Rack is a more cost effective way to overcome the problems that our customers face when cleaning plant, this was reinforced by the considerable interest we received in the Wash Rack at the Executive Hire Show."

TowerLight UK is based in Wymbush, Milton Keynes and is a wholly owned subsidiary of TowerLight SRL an established Italian company, based in Villanova d’Ardenghi, near Milan. TowerLight/DF Ecology markets a wide range of lighting and environmentally centred products worldwide, though dealers or distributors situated on all the major continents.

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