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Sembcorp training ensures growhows Hazmat response

response to any incidents involving its products while in transit in Ireland. GrowHow produces nitrogen-based fertilisers, ammonia and nitric acid, and Sembcorp already provides HAZMAT cover for the company in the UK.

This latest GrowHow contract is a long-term consultancy and training project, where the original brief to Sembcorp was to undertake a detailed analysis of GrowHow's HAZMAT requirements and source a suitably qualified and experienced response provider in Ireland. However, due to the hazardous nature of the chemicals being transported and a lack of available expertise, no suitable service provider was identified.

To resolve the problem, Sembcorp recommended the appointment of Enva Ireland, a specialist environmental services company, and devised and implemented an intensive tailored training package. This was conducted in Ireland and at the Sembcorp Protection training facility at Wilton International and the GrowHow manufacturing site in nearby Billingham. This is being followed up with the implementation of a continual training programme and biannual auditing of Enva's key performance indicators by Sembcorp. This will ensure that Enva's service continues to

achieve the highest professional standards and meets GrowHow's HAZMAT obligations. Both “table-top” and live exercises are planned, where it is anticipated that the involvement of the Irish fire brigade will further develop Enva's expertise and foster greater understanding and cooperation between the response provider and the local emergency services.

Sembcorp UK Protection Group is one of Europe's leading emergency response providers, responsible for safeguarding £14 billion worth of high-hazard industrial assets. Its core skills and offerings embrace the provision of outsourced emergency response services, risk assessments, reviewing clients' emergency protocols or facilities, as well as devising and planning emergency training tailored to specific needs or circumstances. The Group also deploys the latest fire protection and engineering equipment to protect lives and assets as well as assisting with business continuity.

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