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Semi-permanent Thorworld loading system becomes lasting solution for busy logistics firm

Worcestershire fresh produce transport company IDS Transport (UK) Ltd has become one of the latest UK logistics firms to benefit from improved flexibility and operational performance after installing a bespoke loading system manufactured by Thorworld Industries.

The semi-permanent system – comprising a ramp, platform and dock levellers, bolted to the ground outside its warehouse facility in Evesham – provides IDS with an alternative to a permanent loading dock, something that the company was unable to install due to operational restrictions.

"Installing a fixed dock within the warehouse was not an option due to the civil engineering work required," explains Derek Simms, Director at IDS Transport. "At the same time, it made long-term economic sense to find a solution that we can remove and relocate should we move to new premises in the future."

Given the high throughput of items requiring loading and unloading, IDS nonetheless required a robust and practical solution that would suit its fleet. "After researching the market online, we became aware of Thorworld’s expertise in devising bespoke configurations, all built from high-quality modular elements such as ramps, platforms and levellers. As such, Thorworld could offer us the exact flexibility we were looking for," confirms Derek Simms.

Thorworld designed a solution specifically for IDS, comprising a ramp, large platform and two dock levellers, accessorised with all the appropriate safety aids such as handrails, antislip surfaces and dock bumpers. The system enables loads to be forklifted out of the warehouse, before being safely ramped to a waiting trailer, with the process reversed for deliveries. In addition, a hinged barrier with locking gas spring permits goods to be (un)loaded from ground level where required.

"Many SMEs with a warehouse facility, whether rented or not, don’t have the option for a dedicated loading bay, but still need to unload and despatch deliveries and distributions effectively," comments John Meale, managing director of Thorworld Industries.

"This is where a semi-permanent modular solution can be the ultimate answer. The bespoke configuration is developed to work seamlessly within IDS Transport’s existing operational infrastructure while meeting all health and safety regulations. The result means that IDS can optimise its entire loading process for enhanced productivity and improved cost efficiency."

Derek Simms considers the system to be ideal for his firm and is optimistic about the benefits the apparatus will bring to IDS’s logistical operation. He continues: "Thorworld’s design, manufacture, installation and service has all been excellent, and while the equipment is still relatively new, it’s already showing its worth and its potential for long-term success."

For more information on Thorworld loading and unloading equipment and to obtain a copy of the latest Thorworld product catalogue contact:
Thorworld Industries Ltd,
Tel: 01246 260981,

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