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Sensing systems manufacturer SICK UK launches WLL180T photoelectric sensor

SICK (UK), the leading international sensor and sensing systems manufacturer, has added to its range of optical sensors with the launch of the WLL180T photoelectric sensor, with fiber-optic cable.

The powerful sensor, which boasts a response time of just 16µs, has been developed to enable rapid, reliable object detection of fast production processes, even in hard-to-reach machine and system locations.

The WLL180T, which can detect even the fastest process operations; up to 31,250 per second, without the loss of reliability, is ideally suited for use in the semiconductor, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in assembly handling and robotics.

The sensor is able to achieve high scanning ranges, of up to 20m, even in ambient conditions. Featuring high system reserves, the powerful light beam can penetrate dust clouds, spray, mist or water jets, to reliably detect objects.

This intuitive sensor ensures the highest reliability; with new high-resolution signal processing the WLL180T detects the smallest change in light, enabling reliable detection of small, inconsistent and transparent, objects.

The WLL180T works effectively as a stand-alone solution or in bus mode, allowing interference-free configuration with up to 16 sensors, which can be simultaneously programmed in a single action.

In addition to exceptionally high functionality, the WLL180T features a dual digital display and an intuitive operating menu, making it incredibly easy to install and operate.

Phil Dyas, sensor specialist, SICK (UK), commented: "The WLL180T really is an exceptionally innovative sensor with an endless number of uses, ranging from counting objects and detecting perforation or contrast marks to aligning window panes and checking for wire breakages.

"We’ve had a great deal of interest in the WLL180T and because of the wide range of potential uses we expect the high demand to continue."

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