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Sensor system helps drivers stay safe

Vehicle tracking specialists Phantom has launched a new system to help protect cyclists and lorry drivers from colliding.

With the unpredictable winter weather the UK is experiencing and the early, dark nights the chance of an accident occurring is even higher at this time of year.

Statistics from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents revealed that in terms of miles travelled the casualty rate increases during autumn and winter, compared to summer and spring.

"Even those of us who do not drive for employment recognise that driving at this time of year presents more difficulties than during spring and summer," said Simon Cherry at Phantom.

"Our aim is to minimise risks for HGV drivers, and other road users, by developing solutions that detect potentially dangerous situations and generate an early warning system to defuse the hazards."

RoSPA statistics show that every year 19,000 cyclists are killed or injured on the country’s roads – and HGVs present a particular danger, especially when turning left at a junction.

About 25 per cent of accidents that resulted in a cyclist suffering a serious injury involved a HGV, bus or coach ‘passing too close’.

Phantom, which is based in Stockport, fits and sells a cyclist and pedestrian detection system which uses ultrasonic sensors designed not only as a warning system for the driver, but also to make the cyclist aware of the potentially dangerous system as well.

The system provides the driver time to adjust the manoeuvre and there is an optional warning for pedestrians/cyclists to allow them to step back and move away from a dangerous position.

Phantom was established over 10 years ago and provides a range of services for businesses ‘on the road’ including fleet tracking, engine remapping, tyre protectors and cab cameras.

"An accident is the worst case scenario for all drivers and this time of year is often when firms take a fresh look at their preventative measures and the steps they can take to create a safe environment," said Simon.

"It is our business to support those companies, helping them to protect their drivers and vehicles, and ultimately their bottom line."

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