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Service makes all the difference

Smooth logistics processes, coordinated like clockwork, are critical success factors for online businesses. The goods have to reach the customer as quickly as possible and a reliable fleet of trucks are essential for this. The online shop redcoon opted for Yale to provide their warehouse equipment for the new logistics center in Erfurt. Alongside the reliability and robustness of the trucks, redcoon found the Yale dealer’s comprehensive on-site service concept offered real added value.

The online shop redcoon, founded in Aschaffenburg, Germany in 2003, is one of the largest specialized German-language discounters offering LCD and plasma TVs, digital cameras, notebooks, HiFi equipment and household appliances. The assortment also includes gardening tools, sports articles, fitness equipment, and around 1 million book titles.

redcoon is one of the largest European suppliers in this segment, with online shops in ten countries and more than 650 employees across Europe. Rapid growth of the company forced redcoon to expand its logistics capacities to Erfurt and establish a new logistics center in a location providing optimal infrastructure.

Maximum efficiency
The total logistics area of the warehouse on the Erfurt site is 53,000 m² and currently stores about 400,000 electronic products. Conveyor belts and trucks operate tirelessly in the warehouse, either storing goods or transporting picked items to the dispatch area. "Stock articles leave the premises within 24 hours of ordering," says Jens Neuner. Loading and unloading of trucks takes place at 48 loading gates.

Yale distinguished itself from competitors
The significantly larger storage area and larger turnover volume expected made it necessary to purchase additional warehouse equipment and Yale participated in a bid invitation.

"All the equipment was tested and evaluated by the logistics staff," Jens Neuner explains, "important criteria included functionality, ergonomics and reliability." Yale already stood out positively in the support provided during the test phase. "The local Yale dealer, HFT Hebe- und Fördertechnik GmbH based in Mühlhausen, actively supported redcoon drivers during the tests, explaining various truck functions such as the speed control settings… our staff really appreciated that," says Jens Neuner.

redcoon moreover requested that the supplier should not only be responsible for maintenance and service of the new warehouse equipment, but also for the trucks already owned by the company. Yale proved flexible enough to take on this task, and for this reason was awarded the contract.

The new trucks supplied by Yale are four MR series reach trucks and seven MPX series pallet trucks. Replacement batteries and removal frames are available for all Yale trucks to safeguard smooth operation even at peak times. "As an e-commerce business, failure-free operation is tremendously important for us, because customers can order 24/7," explains Jens Neuner. "We can’t afford to have downtimes – especially during peak ordering periods, when order volumes can double quickly."

Igor Dodik, Warehouse Sales Manager at Yale Fördertechnik Handelsgesellschaft GmbH in Neu Isenburg, adds: "Our Yale dealer network works with its customers as partners and offers them a broad range of services for their trucks."

Customized trucks for high-bay racking
The high-bay racks are where the Yale reach trucks show their strengths, ensuring safe storage and removal of goods at the top rack level height of 8.50 m. The trucks are equipped with a lift height pre-selection feature facilitating safe handling of the goods even at such heights.

MR14H reach trucks have a capacity of 1.4 t and are very agile in the aisles thanks to a 360-degree steering system.

To make truck operation as comfortable as possible for the drivers and to prevent symptoms of fatigue, the trucks come with generously sized cabins with plenty of head- and legroom, ergonomic operating levers and an adjustable full-suspension seat that significantly reduces whole body vibrations.

Smooth processes
Once the reach trucks have deposited the goods at the dispatch areas, the Yale MP20X-series and MP20XD-series pallet trucks with a capacity of two tons take over.

The MP20X pallet trucks are equipped with extended forks so that they can take up to two pallets in a row. Thanks to a combination of mast and initial lift, MP20XD pallet trucks can transport two loads weighing one ton each simultaneously (double pallet use).

All pallet trucks are equipped with a driver platform and side protection and a convenient and easy on/off access was considered particularly important by redcoon as drivers have to get on and off the truck frequently. The low-mounted tiller arm minimizes the steering effort while the ergonomic design of the tiller heads with angled handles and responsive operating elements also ensure easy operation. All this helps to speed up loading of the lorries in the dispatch area via the dock plate. Jens Neuner is satisfied with the processes in his logistics center: "Everything is running smoothly. The Yale trucks have proved themselves in practice and we also feel we can fully rely on our Yale partner HFT."

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