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Sessions deliver direct benifits to web printers

Sessions of York, (tel: 01904 659224) the UK's leading and most progressive manufacturers of self-adhesive labels and labelling equipment are currently busy building a third high speed on-web labelling systems for a market leading web printer, who specialises in direct mail products.

High speed mail marketing print lines leave little leeway for error, so when it comes to selecting a labelling system to interface with such lines, the Sessions SL 380 is perfect for such an application, as it is both fast and extremely accurate.

Sessions of York have already built a reputation in the print industry as the ones to talk to when it comes to accurate on-line label applications at speeds in excess of 100 metres per minute. Furthermore, the Sessions SL 380 labelling machine applies labels at these speeds but with unsurpassed accuracy of
+/- 0.5mm.

The SL380 owes its accuracy to the sophisticated unwind and web control system incorporated into the machine design, unique to Sessions. The reel-holder is powered and is activated by a web loop system, which as the label stock is used clears a scanner, which activates the reel drive. In addition, the braking system is designed around a series of compensating spindles, which ensure the tension on the web as it passes through the machine is consistent at all times. All of these features serve to balance the web supply from reel to dispensing edge ensuring an effortless performance by the SL380 machine.

In the event of missing labels on the web, the machine will detect this and automatically increase speed to compensate for the gap, thus ensuring that no product passes unlabelled.

The Sessions SL380 is the answer to any high-speed application requirement and in its “partner” mode it will provide non-stop running for a full production run. The user-friendly control system makes the machine easy to operate, and the 400mm reel holders on the SL380 also ensures maximum running time between changeovers.

Sessions of York is acknowledged to be one of the UK's leading and most progressive manufacturers of self-adhesive labels and labelling equipment. The company supplies an extensive range of high performance labelling machines, which are available ex-stock or can be custom built to suit individual requirements. Sessions are also able to provide on-site equipment demonstrations if required. For more information on this and other Sessions of York products, please visit www.sessionsofyork.co.uk.

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