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Shopfta freight transport products celebrates 40 years trading with seventies prices

From daily vehicle check pads to the latest tacho analysis software, Shopfta has been setting the standard for essential and leading-edge safety and compliance products for 40 years. To celebrate four dynamic decades, the prices of some of Shopfta’s most popular items will be slashed by 40 per cent, for other items it will be as if 40 years of inflation never happened.

From the beginning of September until the end of the year, the prices of tachograph charts and tally rolls – unavailable in the ’70s – will be slashed by 40 per cent and various items from Shopfta’s extensive catalogue will be priced as if frozen in the ’70s. For example, a pack of ten Weekly Driver’s Record Books will cost a mere £1.50 (or 30 Shillings). All items will be subject to restrictions.

Sam Law, Head of Shopfta, said:
"From the introduction of compulsory drivers’ records books to the digital tachograph, Shopfta has spent four decades responding to industry’s needs by providing transport operators with a one stop shop for quality supplies. What better way to celebrate 40 years at the top and to say thank you to our loyal customers than to roll the prices back to the age of the space hopper and spangles."

Shopfta’s product range has moved with the times and now includes over 600 items which may be ordered online, by phone or by post.

Law concluded:
"Where record books, clipboards and posters were once the mainstay of Shopfta we now provide sophisticated digital solutions, downloading equipment and tacho reporting software to reflect a more demanding, high-tech age.

"Despite an ever evolving product range, the values that Shopfta has been built on remain; and customers will still get the same warm, informed and efficient response that we are known for. Furthermore, for four months they will also enjoy some extra tremendous bargains."

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