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Show-Stealing Eiger door finds a new home in Germany

Union Sales Director Alan Hirst (left) with Herr Klaus Fischer, Cold Store Manager of the Nordfrost site in Duisburg (right) in front of the Eiger Door

Leeds based Union Industries has found a new home for the groundbreaking Eiger Hi Speed Freezer door that stole the show at the Intercool 2008 exhibition in Germany.

Unveiled at the Düsseldorf exhibition for the European frozen food sector, the Eiger Door is a new innovation for the German market, providing a superior alternative to the low-tech traditional and less effective freezer doors currently used.

Nordfrost, which is the largest cold storage company in Germany, were so impressed with the Eiger Door on display at the exhibition that they bought the door from the stand for its Duisburg operation, where large freezers store frozen food at between -25°C and -27°C and cooled foodstuff at 2°C to 8°C.

Union's specialist engineers installed the Eiger Door in one of Nordfrost's existing freezer openings to replace one of their less proficient insulated bi-parting doors.

Following the launch at the Intercool 2008 exhibition, Union will be marketing the Eiger Door to the German cold storage, supermarket and frozen food industries.

For the refrigeration sectors of market leading 'blue chip' companies in the UK and Ireland such as; Aldi Stores Ltd, Kerry Food Group, Tesco Stores Ltd, ASDA Wal-Mart, 3663 and Keystone Distribution UK, the Eiger Door has already made its mark and proved its value – German companies will now have the opportunity to follow suit.
Opening at 1.6 metres per second and closing automatically after a short dwell time, the Eiger allows for continuous traffic flow without compromising freezer temperature and prevents the build up of ice and frost around the doorway.

Fundamental to the smooth running of the doors is the patented dehumidified air circulatory system, which removes the moisture that causes ice to form while also keeping the drive and working parts dry and clean

The Eiger Door is also the only industrial freezer door that incorporates a bottom beam 'Crash-Out' device, which minimises the effect of impact damage usually caused by forklift trucks. This system is supported by an 'Auto-Reset' facility allowing the door to continue working following impact, which ensures the freezer's operation remains uninterrupted.

Isobel Schofield, Managing Director of Union Industries, said: “The excitement with which the Eiger Door was greeted by those who visited our stand and became aware of its benefits, was, in my experience, unprecedented.”

“Visitors were not only impressed by the Eiger's unique features but also by the quality of its engineering and finish, none more so than the representatives from Nordfrost who will become the first German cold storage business to reap the rewards of opting for Eiger.”

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