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SHP Logistics initiative at Aquila® Gloves

Customers of goods manufactured at a great distance from their point of delivery, like UK companies buying from the Far East, will be familiar with problems of long delivery cycles and orders can sometimes take up to 120-180 days to arrive. Not only does this lead to immediate delivery problems but also potentially has long-term disruptive effects on the operation and safety compliance of end users, as well as the emergent loss of business for suppliers and users alike.

Now Taste International®, with the high quality Aquila® glove range, have revolutionised their order/delivery/manufacturing system to enable a timely delivery process. This new Stock Holding Programme (SHP) eliminates delays by planning flexibly and resulting in delivery when required so customers only pay for what they use, ensuring high performance delivery for these top performing gloves – from hundreds of pairs to hundreds of thousands of pairs!

Simple bulk forward orders are administered and stocked by Taste International® – Aquila® so reducing customer warehousing and inventory costs. This ensures deliveries in small flexibly sized quantities at bulk prices to customer call off with rapid delivery within 3 to 5 working days worldwide. Aquila® contract customers can now deal direct with the manufacturer while getting “local” service comparable to a regional distributor, so streamlining their supply chain and lowering costs. The resulting service enables call-offs of large or small quantities when required, all on the same delivery and pricing.

This new SHP system takes advantage of the Taste International® – Aquila® flexible manufacturing environment, together with a new in-house warehousing facility, to more carefully manage customer orders in co-operation with their purchase planning teams. Explains Aquila® M.D. Kwan Lo “We believe that by co-operative administration of the supply chain, significant end user benefits can be achieved in the way of quicker service, reduced stockholding and more efficient warehousing/administration, leading to better service and lower costs.” The new program applies to all Aquila® gloves, including cut level 3, 4 and 5 protection like their CC05B, with the advanced Alkimos® spiral wound yarn – which extends full protective life for up to 14 washes.

So now users in such varied industries as automotive, food process, mining, agriculture, machine manufacture etc. can benefit from the high quality and performance of Aquila® protective industrial gloves without concerns over the need for bulk shipments or chasing extended delivery schedules.

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