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Sidetracker launches first LPG and diesel models

Sidetracker Engineering has added diesel and LPG powered models to its range of multi-direction reach trucks and side-loaders, in order meet growing demand for space-saving outdoor performance on uneven surfaces.

Since its formation over 40 years ago, Derbyshire-based Sidetracker has specialised in battery-powered trucks, mainly to work in narrow aisles and confined spaces indoors. The new models, with load capacities up to six tonnes, are designed specifically for outdoor working and have been extensively tested in adverse conditions. Permanent all-wheel-drive provides effective traction on steep ramps and slippery surfaces, while large rubber tyres assist traction and absorb vibration over rough ground.

The trucks can be operated side-ways to carry long loads in narrow aisles and forwards as conventional counterbalance models, and they can also rotate on the spot to maximise manoeuvrability. Powerful high-torque engines give smooth, quiet operation with good fuel economy, and an on-board data-logger provides servicing information. High-quality hydrostatic units are coupled directly to the wheels, so there is no intermediate gear-box to reduce performance.

A wide choice of mast heights is available. Tilting forks, with the mast remaining vertical, ensure safe load handling, and vulnerable parts on the trucks are well protected. Cabs are spacious and well insulated and give good all-round visibility, while controls and instruments are clearly arranged and easy to access.

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