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SIMBA DICKIE installs SATO label printers into its SAP system to improve operations and efficiency

SATO, a pioneer in the Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) industry and a leader in barcode printing, labelling, and EPC/RFID solutions has successfully implemented its label printing solutions into SIMBA DICKIE operations. The German-based group is one of the world’s top five toy manufacturers with an annual turnover of over €500 million and over 30 offices worldwide it manages 11 brands and is a leading player in the license business. SATO was selected after a rigorous process on the strength of its printers seamless integration into the SAP® system. This made it possible to integrate SIMBA DICKIE’s label printing operations into its supply chain processes through rapid, cost-effective development and deployment.

Label printing was required across SIMBA DICKIE’s production and distribution centres. The company used the global roll out of its SAP ERP solution to improve its label printing operations in order to streamline its supply-chain processes and at the same time make a smooth transition from its legacy systems. The rapid installation and configuration of the first batch of 60 SATO GL printers was made possible using a SAP Smart Forms1 printer driver that allows a direct connection from the printer to the SAP system for label printing.

Ralf Dirk Gentsch, Head of Logistics at Simba Dickie and leader of the SAP project, said, "After several positive experiences with SATO label printers, the decision was easy. Since the beginning of 2009, approximately 60 SATO GL408e have been installed in the German production and logistics centers of the SIMBA DICKIE Group."

"In Germany, approximately 150 employees use SATO printers for identification, shipping and price marking applications," explained Ralf Dirk Gentsch. "The SATO printers continue to exceed our expectations in terms of user-friendliness and reliability. Additional purchases of SATO printers are expected as the SAP roll-out progresses at our international locations," he added.

"The installation of our printers at SIMBA DICKIE has allowed us to advance our track record of enabling SAP users that require label printing to seamlessly interface with SAP and achieve unrivalled levels of efficiency and business performance. It also enables them to realize all the inherent benefits of their ERP system solution", said Brian Lang, Managing Director, SATO International Europe.

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