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Simulation modeling software company Lanner Group partner Ingram school of engineering

More than $300,000 of award-winning WITNESS simulation software gifted to Texas State engineering school

Lanner Group, an established global market leader in simulation modeling software and business process management, has awarded a gift-in-kind donation of more than $300,000 to the Ingram School of Engineering at Texas State University-San Marcos.

Award-winning WITNESS simulation modeling software will be used in engineering courses taught at Texas State’s Ingram School of Engineering as well as at the school’s Center for High Performance Systems (CHiPS), where students and faculty conduct research on production logistics, systems design, semiconductor manufacturing, material handling systems and intelligent transportation systems.

The software will be taught in undergraduate classes beginning in fall 2010 and will also be used by students in real-world projects with area companies.

Dr. Jesus Jimenez, assistant professor in the Ingram School of Engineering, says the combined strength and flexibility of the software allows students to build their models to their own requirements, "Partnering with Lanner Group’s WITNESS simulation software is a great collaboration for the Ingram School of Engineering, its faculty and students," Jimenez says.

"Lanner Group’s WITNESS software’s innovative features give the user powerful and flexible simulation capabilities," he continues. "One of the benefits of selecting WITNESS software is its user-friendly modeling systems, which allow students to get to know the package fast; another is the responsive and friendly customer support."

Texas State is one of more than 100 universities worldwide to join Lanner Group’s academic program, which offers 2D, 3D, and Virtual Reality modeling software to schools at heavily discounted rates.

Lanner Group’s WITNESS Academic Edition is fully capable software which will give students the ability to represent real-world processes in a dynamic, animated computer model and then experiment with alternative "what-if?" scenarios to identify the optimal solution to various business problems. The gift-in-kind donation totaling $325,000 from the Houston, Texas offices of Lanner Group comprises the full suite of WITNESS components including WITNESS, Optimizer, and Virtual Reality.

Andrew Aitken, COO Lanner Group said, "This is the 25th year of Lanner Group’s international program partnering with academic establishments renowned in the field of simulation around the world.

"The partnership program is designed to foster research into simulation, support advanced education and prepare new graduates for employment or further academic research upon completion of their course.

"We are pleased to be working with the Ingram School of Engineering at Texas State University-San Marcos, providing WITNESS software to the simulation specialists and business process managers of the future."

WITNESS simulation modeling software improves the business performance of many of the world’s leading companies by helping them make better, more informed decisions. WITNESS’s suite of software components allows experiments and scenarios to be conducted answering "what-if?" questions without risk or disturbance to real life systems.

Lanner Group simulation software is used in thousands of leading companies worldwide. Industry sectors span supply chain, energy, manufacturing, government, transport, healthcare, and financial services. Clients include HP, 3M, Boeing, Ford, GM, Nissan and Rolls Royce.

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