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SITA UK welcomes planning approval

for the North East Energy Recovery Centre AT BILLINGHAM IN THE TEES VALLEY

SITA UK today (15 October) welcomed the decision by Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council to approve its planning application to develop a state-of-the-art energy recovery centre at Haverton Hill, near Billingham.

The borough's planning committee gave unanimous backing for the North East Energy Recovery Centre – NEERC – which will be built on land adjacent to the company's existing Tees Valley energy-from-waste facility.

John Grainger, SITA UK's General Manager in the north east said: “This is great news and the approval is an enormous boost for the whole north east region and will help confirm the Tees Valley as a centre for energy recovery.

“Construction of this plant will provide hundreds of jobs and there'll be around forty new full-time skilled jobs to run the facility when it's operational.

“This 'new generation' energy recovery facility, which involves an investment in the area of over £120million, will see the development of a facility that will produce renewable energy, reduce the need for landfill and assist measures aimed at combating climate change in the region.”

The NEERC could manage up to 256,000 tonnes of household and commercial waste each year and produce 21MW of electricity – that's sufficient power for all the homes in a town the size of Hartlepool.

John Grainger added: “With this approval, the company has the capacity to handle around 640,000 tonnes of waste and generate over 50MW of electricity at its two facilities in the Tees Valley.

“As part of the drive towards sustainable development the NEERC will also be capable of providing heat and power generated as part of our operations to local industries, which will greatly improve their sustainability by reducing energy needs and simultaneously reducing their carbon foorprint with the reduction of the use of fossil fuels.

“Over the past six months, SITA UK and GrowHow, one of the country's biggest manufacturers of ammonia and nitric acid, and our neighbour at Haverton Hill, have together been discussing potential opportunities for the supply of energy from the NEERC to GrowHow's infrastructure in Billingham.

“Importantly, we are also including provision for a railhead to be built so that eventually we may be able to transport waste by rail. This would reduce the number of lorry journeys on local roads and ensure that the company's activities are as sustainable as possible. The rail connection could also be made available to other businesses in the area if there is demand.

“Investment on a scale such as this will be a key factor for the ongoing economic viability of the Tees Valley area in a climate of economic downturn and uncertainty.”

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