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Six keys to unlock your supply chain power

Remarkably, according to Access Group research*, only a third of companies in manufacturing supply chains use either ERP systems or dedicated SCM solutions to manage their supply chains. 28% use standard accounting software, perhaps with ‘bolt-on’ modules and almost half are to some extent reliant on nothing more sophisticated than spreadsheets to control this complex activity.

Ian Roper, Divisional Director for Supply Chain Solutions at Access Group, said: “Faced with ever more complex challenges, Supply Chain Management (SCM) must still control costs, drive efficiency throughout the chain, control and minimise inventory, deliver a speedy and accurate response to customer requirements, and leverage purchasing power while improving supplier relationships. It is therefore vital that organisations seek to invest in acquiring, updating or replacing Supply Chain Management solutions.”

Roper added: “Whether it is a single all-embracing solution or the ‘scaffold’ for a range of specialist functional solutions, it is critical to seek out the six key attributes that will unlock the full power of the implementation: configurability, functionality, integration, hardware support, visibility and simulation.”

Access has published a new white paper, titled: ‘What does a good SCM look like? 6 keys to unlock your supply chain power’. To receive a copy of the white paper, please contact: Natalie.Smith@theaccessgroup.com

*Redshift Research carried out the surveys for Access Group, the Supply Chain Solutions vendor. ‘ERP for the Finance Function’, conducted 200 interviews with Finance & Accounting professionals working in manufacturing, distribution and logistics businesses in the UK. It follows recent Access Group research on Warehouse Management Systems, and Supply Chain Management.

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